Morning. Huh.

Morning. Huh.

I just packed my little overnight bag… well, with three outfits. Jeans, T-Shirts, and one button down shirt, one pair of slacks. In case I want to go out this weekend. We’ll see how things go. Appropriate underclothes. Deodorant. Comb. Mobile phone charger. Anything else I need? Zoe? Do I need to bring a painting with me? No hurry, you have all year to decide.

Just had an idea. I’ll go put … that … in my bag, too.

Anyway. No idea what today will bring. Perhaps more ditch-filling. Perhaps complicated manzanita-hole-drilling and the opportunity to permanently and irrevocably crew up yet another piece of wood. This one I’ve already got over ten hours’ work in it, so if I screw it up it will be doubly frustrating. Hooray! What else? Oh, I’m supposed to play with fiberglass insulation today. What joy!

This whole getting up in the morning thing … I know it’s not particularly early, but … well, I performed an informal survey yesterday morning (did I mention I didn’t sleep last night? Yeah, I went down to breakfast when my brother got up for school and spoke to everyone about when they got started in the mornings) and determined that it’s really too cold around here to do anything until after 8:30 or 9, sometimes later if, like today, the sun isn’t shining. Something about not wanting to try to start working until after the temperature rises above freezing. Anyway, I know it doesn’t seem early, but on nearly every day so far this month I haven’t got out of bed before around Noon. Something about overwhelming depression, I think.

The other night, over a little thing that I think was just one thing too many, one miscommunication too far, I left the house and screamed myself quite hoarse. So if I sound a bit off these days, that’s why. Because I sometimes can’t take my father’s inability to communicate until it’s too late to do any good.

In other news, I’m looking for a MIDI/MIDI+USB keyboard (the musical kind of keyboard) that I can use with GarageBand. I’ll probably end up getting the little 49-key keyboard they’re featuring there for $99 at some point in the future, but if any of you out there have one laying around you’re not using… or perhaps have upgraded away from … or whatever, and you’re willing to part with it for a little while // forever // for a little bit of scratch (or hey, a original painting), let me know. Any MIDI keyboard should work, since I can get a USB MIDI Adapter cheap, and a MIDI keyboard with USB output is even sweeter. And GarageBand may be the sweetest, since I paid only $29 (+Shipping, Tax) for the entire iLife package, including nice iPhoto, iMovie, and iDVD updates plus GarageBand, with my student discount. I’m working on … well, several versions of the same song right now, but I keep finding myself writing lyrics now. Of course, I can’t seem to get GB to talk to my ‘good’ microphone just now, so I can’t record any (poorly-sung) lyrics right now, but … you know, any minute now.

After I finish a song or two, I’ll do a full review. Preferably after I take the time to taste all my other upgrades, too, so I can review the entire iLife ’04 package.

Wow. 954.0 already. Just a few more days until 10, then just a month until the end of the year. Until the beginning of Year One. Just 37 days before the new year. I suppose I better get on top of finishing LaNF, considering it concerns itself at a point or two with the end of Year Zero … sort of. Tell you what. I’ll try to get the final version online before month 10 starts, and before the end of the year at the latest. How’s that?

It’s just about 9. I think I’ll try to get online again now and see about posting this. I guess that since I normally sleep in, my father has taken to using the internet in the mornings. If we can ever get started making money around here, I’ll get high speed internet access and we’ll both be able to use the internet at the same time. What a wonder that will be.

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