A strange, mixed up, late night, early morning post

I am in Phoenix. I am clean for the first time this year. I have just watched a movie. I have enjoyed some ice cream. It is late and soon I will retire to … well, what passes for a bed around here. And sleep. And tomorrow I will try to … do … things. I’d like to “go out” tomorrow night, if anyone is available. I’ll make some calls in the morning. See what’s do-able.

I am using my sister’s computer (thanks Angela, for the ride down to Phoenix and dinner and ice cream and everything else. Sorry you won’t have time to hang out or anything), which has … strange and changing problems. Like, the first time I booted it, it let me log in, but then just froze up. And now, while the mouse cursor moves, it does not recognize clicks. So I’m using the entire computer with keyboard only. Oh well. At least I have internet access. No new mail, but hey. Whatever.

I am … ummm… it’s weird. I am in contact with (sort of… via email right now) a young woman named Amanda Renee King who lives in North Bend, Oregon, but who is not the Amanda Renee King who lived in North Bend, Oregon that I was looking for. North Bend, in case you’re not aware of it, is not a particularly large town. How many Amanda Renee Kings can there be in one tiny town? I don’t know. I’ve asked her, and perhaps I will find out. If my information and memory is correct, the Amanda I am in contact with actually has the same birthday (but not birth year) as the Amanda I am looking for, and I have spoken to her parents in the past. Or maybe not. It’s a little weird.

I’m sure it will all come clear in time.

Looking at the clock, it looks like it is getting later than I want it to be. I’m going to post this, maybe run a marathon or two, bake a cake and two pans of enchiladas, maybe learn to knit and then after a bit perhaps look into tucking in for the night. Or maybe I’ll just skip to the last part, where I sleep.

One of those.


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