Lets see if I can sleep

I took two maximum-strength sleeping pills a little after 11 tonight. Hopefully they’ll knock me out soon.

I’m still working on getting things set up on the new server. It’s going as slow as ever, if not slower. Not as many problems as I had at the start though, so maybe things will go well in the end.

As Iain said, I’m planning on doing another Four-Hour Comic next Tuesday, December 9th. I expect it to go better than last time; I’m going to try not to use complicated layouts to tell the story as much, and if all goes well, maybe I won’t be doing another totally self-referential comic.

I can feel my mind slipping away. You can’t tell too much here, but my fingers are missing keys in the other windows I have open and I’m making little mistakes. I’ll stop after this blog. That’s … 16 ‘done’ of 34 blogs to move. And then I’ll have to shore-up everything Friday night to be sure no posts slip through between now and then. Mostly comics left, but … it’s all gotta be done. Some of it twice.

I’m really going now. Slipping away. More tomorrow. Hopefully by going to sleep now I’ll be able to wake up in the morning tomorrow.

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