Cant Sleep, and Clowns be damned!

I can’t seem to sleep. It’s 2:30 as I start this, and that’s too late to take a sleeping pill. I should have remembered to take one at 11 or 12, but … I thought I’d be able to get to sleep, I’ve been so tired lately. Sick, really, if I stand I get woozy and light-headed, and if I exert myself at all, I’m out of energy right away, but as soon as I laid down to try to sleep my mind wouldn’t shut up.

I’ve just spent the last half hour singing to myself, trying to clear my mind, but to no avail.

I spent my waking hours today working on getting everything moved over to the new server space, and I tell you it’s a lot of work. Not the sort of work that makes me tired, mind you, because I’m just sitting here, typing, copying, pasting, moving files around… basically no effort is required of my body, so I hardly notice I’m sick. But man. I spent almost nine hours on it today and I’m only about 1/3 of the way through it… maybe a little more, since it’s started going a little faster… I planned to put the hardest bits first and the easiest bits towards the end, and I guess that should speed the rest of it up a little, but … there’s just so much…. it seems like busy work, because it’s just the same thing over and over and over, back and forth and back and forth, moving the site over a little bit at a time.

And joy of joys, because I have to do it this way, every single “permanent” link to any individual post, anywhere on Modern Evil, is changing. Also, and I’ll email everyone about it, but every user account’s password is being reset. Wheee! Not until the server switches over, of course, but … you’ll see. Hopefully though, once we get settled in, they won’t be the devil.

Of course, the temperature isn’t helping. I … I made an error in judgement, and even though it was just barely dropping below a comfortable temperature as I went to bed, I put some wood on the fire… shut down the air almost all the way, and lay down, thinking it would slowly keep the room about a reasonable temperature. And I don’t know if maybe my fever broke and my body temperature dropped or what, but the temperature wasn’t over 79 degrees … much hotter than I expected, but not so hot that I expected to be this uncomfortable. Earlier today 74 felt cold.

I also just got 4 Mouse panels from someone who wasn’t sure he knew how to do the other 3 he’d volunteered for. Except that the 4 panels he turned in are far and away the best panels I’ve received for the Mouse Project. (No offense, Iain, but I linked you to them, you have to agree!) Now, if I can get the panels from Cat Garza, or if Michael Patrick hadn’t dropped out, there was a small chance these wouldn’t be the best panels in the entire comic, but as it is now … WOW. So I offered him money to do the other three panels. And offered some suggestions as to how to make drawing them easier. And kissed up to him. And if he still says he won’t do them, then I’ll have to do them, and then … then … well, then my pitiful panels will have to follow his gorgeous ones. Sigh.

Anyway. No clowns trying to eat me, just my own mind.

Three-thirty now. Getting a little weary. But that could just be my mind thinking about sleeping. In which case when I go lay down, I’ll be just as awake as ever.

Anyway, I think I’m going to try. Another fifteen minutes trying to get this things to post, and I should be done for.

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