1&1 Free Hosting for 3 years

Okay, I’ve tried it, this site is running on it, it seems good, it’s definitely faster and more stable than Easyspace, and you can’t beat the price.

If you sign up before January 14th, 2004, you can get a totally free, no obligation website hosting package (500Mb hosting, 5Gb/month (+$0.99/add’l Gb), and the works) for the next three years.

Just go to 1and1.com and sign up! All the information is there. (Note: if you click the link instead of just typing it into your browser, and sign up, I get entered into a contest to win a vacation. Wheeee!)

I recommend it.

Oh, and if you miss the promotion, as of January 15th, 2004, their full range of hosting services will be available for purchase at reasonable prices.

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One thought on “1&1 Free Hosting for 3 years”

  1. I have used 1&1 for hosting for quite a while now and they are outstanding! I signed up for a paid package after their promotional offer and I only had to call a few times for technical support but their staff was brilliant!!! I cannot say enough about their employees. I had a problem with email which was not even caused by them but rather by my ISP and Richard helped me right away to correct it. I had another issue with connecting via ftp and Tony was a great help. And just yesterday I called and spoke with Melissa about configuring a mail.asp script and she was excellent! I would definately recommend 1&1 to all those looking for a great hosting company with budget prices. = )

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