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I think it may turn out to be easier to IM and email everyone I know than to post here, right now. Stupid Easyspace. Their FTP servers even blow chunks; I’m having a heck of a time getting ME mirrored over to 1&1 so I can even SEE if it’s a good idea to switch… Though I doubt very much that they could be worse than Easyspace.

Anyway, I wrote around eleven thousand words for my novel today, so far. I haven’t decided whether to try to keep going, or take a break until tomorrow. Or the dreaded “re-type it all into the computer”.

I set down at my computer for over an hour this morning, trying to get myself to start writing, and I got about two lines done. Whee! So I set up my typewriter on my table over there (points that way), set down at it, and almost faster than I could get paper loaded into the thing, the words just started gushing out of me. Page after page, so much so that when I stopped a little bit ago to see what progress I’d made and my pages were found to be out of order, I had a heck of a time fixing them, because I didn’t remember writing the first half of the stack of pages today. At one point I was typing away so fast and furiously that I didn’t even notice as I reached the bottom of the page, the paper fell out of the typewriter, and I wrote two more lines before I noticed a problem. I was able to re-type them, but almost fell behind my own mind in the process.

I know, I know, eleven thousand words isn’t a lot of text for a whole day’s work… about thirty pages in a 5″x8″ paperback book (CafePress says maybe next Monday, by the way) … is that enough?

So… I haven’t really done any writing to speak of since Sunday. On Sunday morning I decided to try to double my then-current word count from around 5838 words to around 11k words. And I did. Except then it took me until last night to finish getting those words re-typed into the computer. So today I decided the same thing; I would try to double my word count, from around 11k to around 22k. And I did.

Now, I have Thursday and Friday to work on the novel, but I don’t think I can continue this trend. Of course, if it were somehow possible, I’d be at 88k words by Friday, and just have to face the challenge of re-typing seventy-seven thousand words into my computer before the end of the month (so I can upload a 50k+ word novel to be verified by the NaNoWriMo site). But seriously, then I have Saturday and Sunday in the shop … where I should be able to get a fair amount of work done, since customers are few and far between during the ‘winter’ half of the year up here. (Last weekend I made a whopping Zero dollars all weekend! Hooray!) In order to “catch up” I need to be at least to 33,000 words by the end of the week. Of course, if I can even just keep up today’s 11k-word pace, I’ll be over 50k in three working days.

Babble, babble, babble.

I need to take some time to start recording the audio version of LaNF. There is at least one person interested in purchasing a copy, and I suspect there may be more. I think I shall go do that now.

As I try (again and again, it’s 11:30 as I type this) to save this entry properly despite my errors, I am now chatting with a young woman Zoe has introduced me to. What fun!

Okay, now it’s 12:40, I’m still trying to save this, and still chatting with her. One of these seems to be a good thing. The other is decidedly not.

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  1. What do you mean, doing a comic in four hours will put a damper on writing 11k words tomorrow?

    And it JUST saved.

  2. What do you mean, doing a comic in four hours will put a damper on writing 11k words tomorrow?

    And it JUST saved.

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