Easyspace trouble today

Yeah, so, as soon as I got the email saying the site was going to be acting up, I posted about it. Which, of course, the site acting up cancelled out. They were “upgrading” ME again. Stuff always seems to go wonky when they “upgrade” us. Still, perhaps we won’t have another problem until they “upgrade” us again… and/or until I can afford to switch hosts.

Seriously, folks, if you want to see this stuff stop any time soon, help support the site. Donate money via PayPal, buy Cafepress merchandise, buy our new screen-printed shirts, buy my paintings. If you don’t have money, trade a couple hours’ access to your body to strangers, and pretend Modern Evil is your pimp. Or stand on a busy street corner collecting money from strangers, and pretend Modern Evil is your charity. If you don’t like our current designs on merchandise, suggest something else, and we’ll get right on it! We’re here to please you as much as we can. Well, second only to making you suffer and cry.

Modern Evil’s Priorities:

1. Make you suffer and cry
2. Please you as much as possible
3. etc…

Sorry for the trouble today. No posts you made should actually have been lost. I’ve just gone through and retrieved everything that managed to disappear. I’ll do what I can (virtually nothing) to prevent this from happenning in the future, and to give you more notice. Or even just notice that stays on the site for more than a few minutes.

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