buying music online – thanks to Apple

Last night I bought Johnny Cash‘s album, the iTunes Music Store. I’ve wanted it since I knew it existed (a few weeks before he died), but kept putting off even looking to see if it was available. It is.

Of course, since the iTunes Music Store has over 400,000 songs now, there’s a pretty good chance that much music one seeks would be there.

Which is frustrating, because I know I cannot afford all the music I want.

Made extra frustrating, because Apple upgraded their invoice emails since I last bought music from them. Now instead of a plaintext email just saying they charged my card and how much tax and all, it’s a fancy HTML email with links (and album covers) of albums other people who bought what I bought bought. That is, albums which in relation to my purchase, I may be interested in purchasing. And darnit if I don’t want at least one of them.

Silly effective marketing.

Anyone who wants to buy me a big iTunes Gift Certificate is welcome to. I use my regular email address, teel (AT) modernevil (DOT) com, for my iTunes account. Thanks.

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