Rain, lighting, thunder, daylight

I was woken a little while ago… yes, I’ve been sleeping… yes, my body is sure I should still be sleeping to try to take care of this … sickness… faster… but I was woken by thunder and lightning and daylight. I could see blue skies out the window and scattered light clouds, but the thunder was literally shaking the room and startlingly loud. I walked over to the window and if I craned around I could see that way up and to the left was a dark mass, and then the thunder again.

Seconds later, water began to fall from the heavens all around me in sheets. It rained and rained and rained down, fast and furious, and although at has begun to slow somewhat, it is still pouring. We need all the moisture we can get around here, and we were actually expecting the clouds to open up yesterday at this time, but this is good. Rain is good.

Oh yeah, and the sunlight still streams through my window. Must be a hole in the clouds.

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