preMEum merchandise update – 531.0

There is new merchandise in the preMEum merchandise store, including a T-shirt featuring C.A.T.S. and a Special Pre-Birthday Edition of my new novel, Lost and Not Found. (Title and contents subject to change.)

The C.A.T.S. design and idea originate with Warpshadow, my brother. The drawing is done by an artist friend of his, DRACO. If you are a Phoenix resident, we are going to try to put together a large order of C.A.T.S. T-Shirts at a discount – You would pay $13 total, which saves not just on the regular price of the shirt, but on the $5+ shipping charge. Email me at or email my brother at if you live in the Phoenix area and are interested; we will be placing the order 9/26/2003, the day C.A.T.S. is no longer preMEum-priced, so you need to contact us before then to make arrangements.

Oh, and yeah. The novel. It’s not a final revision. There are certainly spelling and grammar errors, and potentially other major problems with this edition. This is a Special Edition I am making available specifically so I can say I was published before I turned 25. This is just an arbitrary thing I think I’d like to say. Anyone who purchases this edition of Lost and Not Found will be entitled to an electronic copy of the final edition, free of charge. This edition will never again be available after my 25th birthday, Sunday September 21st, 2003. Buy it now!

Then, when the “First Edition” comes out later this year, buy it again! Wheee!

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