New shoes

Yep. My old shoes … well, the soles were detatching from the shoes at an alarming rate. But I guess that’s what you get when you buy Nike; shoes made my children in sweatshops – how good can they be?

Anyway, rather than tennis shoes I got some reasonably comfortable shoes with a little more ankle support and waterproof (to a degree – they probably won’t like knee-deep snows later in the winter), which is nice, sue to all the puddles I seem to walk around in up in Pine.

Here’s a picture:

(Click to enlarge)

Yep. Shoes. Oh, and due to a sale the sales associate failed to mention, I got them for almost $20 less than I was expecting to pay, which made me oh-so-happy. Now instead of being at the absolute limit of what I could afford, they were very reasonable. And I don’t have to worry as much about my bank account. SO, yeah. Now, I’m going to drink some water, and then maybe write some more.

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