Feeling pretty good

Only a little bit sore, a little bit tired, a little bit of a cough and a little of the sniffles today. None of them major problems. I’m sure the cough syrup helped, some.

But more than that, I feel good. Not just ‘not-sick’, but good. I’m feeling so good today that earlier, in the ride home from Payson, I was seeing things in the clouds. You know, how some people can see shapes in the clouds? Yeah, well, I haven’t been able to for years. It’s been so long I actually remember the last time. I must have been 14. Ten years, I haven’t felt this way.

Feeling good. Got my AC adapter. Got my novel-in-progress off my laptop. Wheeee! Yay! Hooray!!! 69,510 words so far, over 50,000 to go. And I can almost promise you’ll get confused a couple of times while reading it.

Anyway, I need a break. I’m going to go watch something on DVD, maybe work on my Mouse panels. I haven’t emailed my new contributors yet, because I haven’t got word back from BitPass OR Easyspace yet about trying to get things working (did I mention BitPass’s CGI gateway didn’t work, either? Huh.). Once I know what will happen there, I’ll get back to everyone.

Oh, and for those of you that care, I just talked to Verizon Wireless about an over-charge on my phone bill. They weren’t able to explain why it had happened or guarantee that it wouldn’t happen again, but they were glad to help me even before I found the password for the account, and they gladly refunded the overage and offered to help me next month if it happened again, and if it happened the same way, maybe write some new code to fix it or something. But here’s the kicker: Through the entire conversation I made it a good call for the CS guy on the other end. He actually told me at the end of the call that I was his best call in several days, and he was glad I was his last call of the day (before his ‘weekend’ of Wed-Thurs off). As positive an experience as could have been had, including my explicitly mentioning that he had been very helpful and friendly, in case he was monitored.

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