Ah, morning…

So, I woke up this morning at the ‘irrigate’ hour of 6:30. Having actually gotten to sleep after 1:30, this did not provide me with much restfullnes. Here are a couple of photos of me watering this morning:


Okay, well, here are a couple of photos of me passing out between watering this morning. Anyway, the water is still flowing down there, so in ten minutes (probably before I post this, anyway) I’ve got to go shut it all off. Grr. I was just settling into my seat.

I do feel better this morning, emotionally. Plus, in about 90 minutes my dad will be up the hill. While this means extra heavy lifting, it also means I’ll soon have my laptop’s AC Adapter in hand. Woo hoo! Also, perhaps of equal value in the short term, he’s bringing Expectorant! Woo hoo! And maybe even some cheese! That will be good! I like cheese.

There goes my alarm… (Teel pulls on shoes and socks and runs downstairs to shut the water off) … five minutes pass … (Teel pulls off his wet shoes and socks and sighs in relief) … Okie dokie! Back to posting. How about a couple of photos I took this morning of the sky! Doesn’t that sound exciting? here they are:

sky-ketulpa.jpgThis is the rising sun, shining through layered cloud cover, and then through the big ketulpa (sp?) tree at the front of our property.

sky-442.0.jpgThis is the sky in the other direction. Such beautiful sky this morning.

Anyway, yeah. So, in case in that nearly 3000 word rant I didn’t make it clear, I don’t plan to do preMEum anymore.

  • I WILL try to get the ‘Mouse’ Project together and online for the $1.25 via BitPass that I have already told people I would do, but because of various complications it may not make it online September 1st. (More on that in a moment.)
  • I will finish my novel, and I will make it available as soon as I feel it is ready, hopefully on or before my birthday.
  • Edison will be doing more New Comics, but he needs some bed rest right now, he’s still recovering from his adventures. (More on that when you read the comics. He’s told me all about it, and I know you’ll like his story.)
  • I am likely simply going to settle for Easyspace for the period I have paid for, and will likely write a canned ‘site is down’ message or three (for different ways it goes down) to send to them every time there is downtime. After a few hundred of those they’ll either get the picture and fix it or .. well, I guess my year will be up. Either way, as soon as Modern Evil has made enough money to switch hosts (via merchandise, donations, and other means that may become available), or at the end of my current period, I will switch hosts, likely to dreamhost.
  • I will continue to extend the ‘free hosting’ offer to everyone I contacted about moving their comics to ME, whether I suggested it would be preMEum or not, but only in a ‘free hosting’ capacity, not in an “I’ll get your comics to make money” capacity.
  • Any other comics I may have been working on, if I choose to continue working on them, will appear at the rate I am comfortable with, and will stop when I don’t feel like it any more. I don’t seem to be able to follow anyone’s schedule, not even my own. (Iain, I’ll at least post the finished panels that you’ve seen the roughs of … at say, one a week at the slowest, what with them already being drawn. As I said, it pisses me off when someone draws something and then renegs on posting it, and I don’t want to be that guy.)
  • I may, if I can get their supposedly crappy CGI script working (which I will try to do for ‘Mouse’ anyway), help/host BitPass comics on Modern Evil for existing (including the new guys) contributors. They’ll have to be available in BitPass-friendly chunks, though. So, whole chapters or whole stories or one-shots. Yes, this will mean that Modern Evil will be making money for its contributors and not for itself. I can’t help that much.

    I think that’s all I have to say for now. If you feel there’s something else that needs to be clarified or responded to, just say the word. I just don’t want this crap to be stressful. I moved to the country in a big part to get away from the stress. Maybe between art sales and book sales I can earn enough to support the site. We’ll see.

    Anyway, good morning, and have a good day.

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