Cafepress at Comicon 2003

I have no good explanation for this, but I have been selected as a featured shopkeeper by Cafepress, and will be sitting in on their booth on Thursday and Friday. Well, part of the day; there are many panels I want to attend. So, to give examples of the merchandise, they asked me to select 5 items from my store that they will have on-hand at the con, one of them being the mini poster. So I can sign/hand out mini posters. Plus, they asked for a mini bio of myself, my involvement with comics, and my use of Cafepress. I wrote the bio, selected/designed the items, and since there was also mention of having copies of my novel onhand, I edited it appropriately (once I got it in my hands, there were a couple of things I wanted to change).

Anyway, I got online tonight after supper and the only non-junk email that cam in since earlier today was an email saying I’d made a Cafepress sale. I though to myself “How odd! I didn’t think anyone would pay my new prices!” But I looked at the order… 1 Large, Classic Need Head T-Shirt, 1 Flaming Squirrel Black Cap, 1 ME Logo Travel Mug, 40 Mini Prints of my painting ‘Please’ and 40 Limited Edition Comicon 2003 New Comic Poster Prints. For a total of $417.83 in commission. Wow. No follow-up email at all. Apparently they needed to go through their own order process to get the products made.

I went ahead and clicked through and logged in and looked at my order report, and no such sale appears. Sigh. I thought maybe they were paying me $417.83 to sit in their booth. In which case, panels be damned! I would have gladly sat in their booth for two days! Alas, it was not to be. Though they are absorbing the cost of creating all that merchandise. Pretending that they pay the same base price I do (I know, I know, it’s probably half that or less), that’s $442.17 in merchandise from Modern Evil. I wonder how much interest they’ll generate from their booth, what the payoff point would be to make it worthwhile…

Too bad about them not actually paying me that commission. Transporation would no longer have been an issue. At all.

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  1. Ooooooooh. The current picture makes you look like a Wylde Chylde. No, never mind. When is this purported “Comicon” to take place?

  2. Ooooooooh. The current picture makes you look like a Wylde Chylde. No, never mind. When is this purported “Comicon” to take place?

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