AT&T no more

So, right after I left Phoenix yesterday, Oscar, the AT&T rep who helped me out getting set up back in February, finally returned my call. So, my dad got the call. Oscar confirmed that there is no longer a roaming agreement between AT&T and Verizon, and that there are no plans to ever create a new one. My dad asked him about getting out of my contract, and Oscar emphasized emphatically that this was no reason to be able to get out of a contract, and that I would not be allowed to, but that I should call Oscar myself to discuss it with him. Since I was already in Pine where there is 0% chance of me making a call with my AT&T phone, I went ahead and didn’t call him.

In fact, I didn’t call him again today, when from the landline here I dialed AT&T’s 800 number, and spoke to a generic CS rep who agreed that there was a note on my account to not charge me the early termination fee, kindly cancelled my account, and informed me that on my bill it will appear that the early termination fee was charged and then an equal credit was applied to my account. And you know what, I’m still not going to call Oscar about it.

SO 602-RETARDED is no longer my phone number. In fact, I do not know what my new phone number will be, if and when I get one. I’m thinking of getting a Motorola Verizon phone, though man-O-man they are either mega-big or cost a fortune. I am also contacting Nokia to try to convince them to send me one of their next-generation phones that work on CDMA networks, of which Verizon is one. I am also focusing my spare concentration to try to just communicate with anyone I want telepathically, which may be easier than getting the rest of this worked out.

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