Yoga 211.0 – 20 minutes

Tonight I decided to do the first section of the Yoga Zone – Yoga For Abs because I spent the earlier part of the day quarrying huge rocks. That is, I gave my back a workout earlier today moving around rocks 4’x6’x4″, and thought it might be best to balance that with an abdominal workout. I actually did the workout from about 23:45 on 211 until 00:05 on 212, so the date in the title is right, even if the date on this post isn’t.

I think some of my abdominal muscles are stronger than they think and others are weaker. Mostly it seems to be the ones that have to hold up this damn belly that are stong. Sigh. Some of the moves involve bending left and right to use the muscles on the sides of my abdomen (obliques?), but there’s so much god damned fat there that my skin starts to buckle and pinch with even just a slight side-ways bend. I do it anyway, since those muscles stilll need to be worked, even if they ARE hidden under a thick blanket of fat.

Anway, I stopped for a while there… at first because I was out of town, but … after that I had no real excuse. Sigh.

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