I’m going to blow your cover…

No idea what that was about. Some lyrics in my head, maybe. The Murmurs.

I guess I’ve gotta crack this next Smirnoff Ice Triple Black to take the allergy pill I forgot to take the second I walked in the door. See, in Phoenix, when I’m staying with my dad, I have to keep my system flush with antihistimines. I’m allergic to the whole fucking house. Maybe it’s the cats or the mold growing in the walls or the residue of my mother’s old hand-rolled cigarettes (I have the same thing in her old car…) I don’t know exactly what it is, but i know that I can’t get to sleep if my eyes are so watery and swollen that I can’t close them and I’m sneezing constantly and leaking mucous like a running fire hose… SO, i’ve taken the pill, and let’s see if it works fine in a pool of Smirnoff Ice…

Tonight, something like five minutes after I arrived here, I left again, to go see Confidence (now playing at a theatre near you). Here’s as close as I’ll come to writing a review of that movie unless someone specifically asks for one (which I doubt): Good cast, I mean, hey… Dustin Hoffman, Rachel Weisz, Ed Burns and Paul Giamatti. Good cast. Probably a good script. Or maybe it was a good script before a sloppy edit. I think someone cut ten minutes off the end because they thought the full two hours was too long. Anyway, that’s not the review, this is: I left the theatre, and the feeling that I had wasn’t satisfaction with the movie (though I was not unsatisfied by it) or any other of a wide array of emotions one can come out of a movie with, but the impression that what I needed was a stiff drink.

Except that I’m not aware of any reasonable bars in walking distance of here and it was just about midnight, so I just settled for this six-pack from the Circle-K. I’ve been barrelling through it fast enough to actually get a buzz, which, if you’re familiar with my metabolism, you know takes effort and practice. Anyway, that’s nice. I feel a little better now. A little off, a little like I better go pee soon, but better. Oh, and did I mention that based on an article I read earlier I’ve got an interesting idea in my head for a subtly interactive online comic? I think it’ll be a fun little one-shot when I’ve drawn, colored, coded, and posted it. Fuck, and I’ve got to write it, too, don’t I? Maybe I’ll work on that a little tonight before I pass out on the couch.

Do you think this buzz will help? It doesn’t seem to have hindered my writing so far. As far as I can tell. What do you think? Anyway, it’s Nogales tomorrow, and I suppose X2 on Friday, though I’ll admit I don’t feel the anticipation for it I suspect I ought to. Probably all my expectation is used up on other things. Like The Matrix sequels. I mean, I knew X-Men would have a sequel in 2003 before X-Men came out. Because Brian Singer told me so at the Comicon. So, yeah. I even had a good idea of the story, new characters, and so on, because most of it was already decided. But The Matrix. I’ve been waiting what? Almost four years for these sequels. Plus the game. Plus the Animatrix DVDs. All my anticipation for sequels is used up. I hardly care to see tiny men fight giant spider ladies or whatever…

Okay, I can feel the numbness starting to kick in at my extremeties… my fingers, my feet… my nose an dmy upper lip… Time to shut down for a while, I guess. Got to get up early to… ride in a car for half of forever, then see about my clandestine Mexcian mission, then ride in a car for the other half of forever. Yep. And maybe write some of that fancy new webcomic. Night. Or, again, probably morning, when you read this. Good morning.

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