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Okay, okay, I know this is silly, but the idea of Modern Evil even coming close to winning a Webby Award is silly in the first place. SO, instead of writing us in in a category like “Humor” or “Personal Site” where the competition is just too fierce, I’m asking you to go register to vote for the Webby Award, then in the category “Gov’t & Law” Write-in Modern Evil (www.modernevil.com).

That’s right. Government and Law.

Vote for Modern Evil, URL: www.modernevil.com

Let’s see if we can’t win this one, folks! Clearly, we are a government site. The government of ME.

Modern Evil. The true government.

Modern Evil. The true law.

THAT’S NOT ALL!!! In order to register as more than a tiny blip on their radar screens, we need as many votes as possible. This is the internet, folks! Tell your friends! Tell your relatives! SPAM people! Post on every site you know how to post on! In every forum you frequent. Tell people, and get them to tell THEIR friends! Modern Evil for best Government/law site on the internet! Vote for Modern Evil in the Webby Awards! Show the governments of the world we don’t take them seriously. Vote Modern Evil, and tell the world you follow the law of ME, under the government of ME!

(Or at least that web-based awards are silly.)

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