Webcam up and … well, up

I can’t really say ‘up and running’, since it’s a virtual webcam. I’ve taken several shots of myself sitting at my desk & will be swapping them out at appropriate. Eventually I hope to have an actual webcam up, and to get as many ME authors set up with webcams and to create a whole ‘cam page’ for looking at the different people that contribute to ME. I’ll be giving Iain back his (non-mac-compatible) webcam the next time I see him, and maybe he’ll plug it in and set it up. Warpshadow has a webcam, just itching to be put online somewhere. We’ll see who else we can talk into it.

Oh yeah, to see the virtual webcam image for me, you have to actually have to look at the right-hand column of a FYTH page. It should be there. Everywhere.

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