Coming "to town" Monday

So, my grandfather has another doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, so I’ll be coming down to the valley Monday night and staying through Tuesday afternoon at the earliest. Two movies opened today that I would like to see, Bringing Down the House and Love Liza. While BDtH is something I believe other people will be interested in seeing with me and playing at many more theatres, Love Liza is something I’ve been looking forward to a long time and am trying to make a priority to see when I’m in town. Unfortunately, Love Liza is playing exclusively at the Harkins Centerpoint in Tempe, far from where my father lives & where I will be staying Monday night. And, I’m not sure who else in the world would want to see it or be available. Esp. on a ‘school night’.

Anyway, I’ll hitchhike down to Tempe and watch the late show if I need to, but I’d much rather be able to share the experience with friend(s). And not just because they could drive me, but because as you may have noted I now live approximately 100 miles away from most of my friends. Ooh. Which reminds me. I need to ask you guys whether I know Zylon. Do I know Zylon? I mean, how many could there be, really? I just don’t have much memory with regards to people I haven’t been good friends/acquaintences with for years and years.

Okay. I’m going to … errr… Nothing. But somewhere, somehow I get the feeling that Edison is about to be working on the next New Comic right now…


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  1. Wassup mountain man. I wanna see “City of God”. I have heard nothing but good things about it.

  2. Wassup mountain man. I wanna see “City of God”. I have heard nothing but good things about it.

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