SaveME Buttons and merchandise!

Okay, this is all taking longer than I expected to put together. I tried working on it in the middle of the day today while I was straightening up my room and the uploads would just not upload. Erg. And then putting every new product in place & setting it up right … Anyway, there’s a whole set of new products available, and they all sport the fashionable “SaveME” logo. I’ve contacted Cafepress and I’m going to get in touch with my other screen printing contacts about prices, but if there’s demand I may do a run of Black T’s with the SaveME logo. Also, if I find it’s a reasonable thing to do and I get plenty of emails I may look into doing a run of black Flaming Squirrel T-Shirts. Tell me if you want one, even if you’re not sure you can afford one. I just need to get an idea, here.

Oh, the link to the store? Isn’t it wonderful?

Also, the button that should have appeared in the first paragraph is available to be put on your very own website! You can use one that links to the new store or one that links directly to Modern Evil’s Paypal donation page using the code below. Just copy and paste it into your own websites to help SaveME.

Button that links to the SaveME Store:

Button that links to Modern Evil’s Paypal donation page:

Note: The following was written before the task was completed, and before part of the above post was written.

Man. I’m really tired right now. Too bad about my habit of trying to do it “until it’s done.” Especially with projects like this that seem so easy and finite when i start them.

“Never give up. Never surrender.”

…By Grapthar’s Hammer, I shall complete this tonight…

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