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Tomorrow morning I will be learning how to change the oil on the big, old diesel-powered backhoe we have up here. Did I forget to mention I got my first lesson in driving it the other day, pushing snow around a local church’s parking lot? Well, really we were just using the front end loader side of the thing. I’ll have to learn how to use the actual backhoe another day.

yet in another window I’m still updating all my Cafepress stores to reflect the presence of the new store. Despite what my last post may have lead you to believe, I am not actually done. yes, the products are in place, but … well, if you go take a look at the stores you’ll see the list of the stores’ names in the upper right hand corner of the part of the page I have any control over. And in order to create a uniform experience across all stores where you can add products from any store and still get to just about all the other stores, I have to go through every store and update the HTML. Not that bad, but what I’m doing now in another window.

Until it’s done, I say.

It’s supposed to be snowing another 2 to 4 inches of snow tonight, then maybe more tomorrow, but then the temperature is supposed to be up into the 60s by the weekend. Apparently there is some sort of additional shuffling or moving (via shovel or via backhoe or perhaps by hand, I do not know) that I’m supposed to be able to do soon to get the remaining snow to melt faster. I’m thinking of contructing a wood-gasifier and portable flame thrower from the spare parts and scrap and assorted other bits that have accumulated around here and just running around shooting fire at the snow. Clean-burning fire from a renewable source, of course.

Aha! i think i may be done in that other window. Now to go double-check the actual front-ends, and I can go to bed. Hooray for bed! I noticed a bit ago that my wood stove was cooling down and I thought it might need some more wood. It had cooled down earlier because ashes had managed to fall down completely blocking the only place air can get in to fuel the fire, and that was a mess to get going again, but as soon as it had air it started to heat up again. I checked the air-opening, and it seemed fine, so I grabbed a piece of wood to put in the stove. Now, something you don’t know about my wood stove is that the main opening for putting in fuel is in the top. Which means that when I reached out with my handkerchief-protected hand to open it and quickly drop the wood in I was expecting a face full of smoke. What I got was a face full of FLAME. I guess it was burning fine. i closed it fast enough not to get burned, and too fast to put the new wood in. I’ll try one last time before I land in bed, but if it’s shooting out fire again, I’ll just let it be.

Oh yeah. Featured products from the new store (ie: the ones that I think look especially nice with the SaveME logo & make good use of its black background):

The SaveME Wall Clock
The SaveME Black Cap
The SaveME Black Ski Cap
All three SaveME Stickers (1) (2) (3) – (3 is the bumper sticker)
The SaveME Lunch Box
The SaveME Coaster
The SaveME Flying Disc

Of course, all the products are wonderful. Take a look. I’m going to bed.

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