NEW Modern Evil Merchandise!

Be sure to check out the new merchandise in all our stores. The Main store has a mix of different images from the different stores, and each other store has a variety of products with a single image theme. Check them out:

The Main Modern Evil Store
The Official Modern Evil Logo Store
The Official Beer Club Store
The Flaming Squirrel Store
The Non-Sequitor Store
Need Head Stores:
   Original, Blue
   Blue, offering head
   Original, Pink
   Pink, offering head
The All-Coasters Store

Some of the new products for Valentine’s day include a very nice Tile topped boxes, Panties, Thong Panties, Camisoles and Night Shirts. Also for a limited time, get free coffee with every Travel Mug purchase, and don’t forget to get one of our limited edition Beer Club Beer Steins while supplies last.

If you’re looking for something cheap, why not take a look at our new Bumper Stickers (only $3), Calendar Prints (only $5), Postcards (only $7 for 8) or Greeting Cards (only $12 for 6). Plus a wide variety of stickers for $2.50 – there are one or two for each store! Flying Discs of all kinds for $7.50, Coasters of all kinds for $5, and don’t miss our Wall Clocks for only $12.

Is that enough for now? I spent all night adding the new products to all the stores, cleaning everything up and updating some of the graphics. All Flaming Squirrel Apparel has been subtly updated; you may like it better now. Enjoy!

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