Fading in and out…

I don’t know how long I’ve been awake, but I keep fading in and out of sleepiness. Not actual sleep mind you, but sleepiness. For instance, right now as I type this I’m feeling pretty sleepy. Like I ought to have been to sleep hours ago. Like I could go lay down and fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed. It even makes sense since I felt this way, perhaps even sleepier, about an hour and a half ago. Except that about an hour ago I noted that I wasn’t sleepy at all. I felt wide awake, full of energy, looking for something to do. I actually have plenty to do, and as chance would have it, I got an email a little later that gave me a nice something to read and respond to until I started fading back into sleepiness. One of the things I need to do is really dig into the Java 3D tutorials I downloaded so I can get the whole thing learned and maybe begin putting some 3D elements on Modern Evil, but really because if I get that job (still waiting to hear back) I’ll need to know Java 3D. Except that reading tutorials will almost definitely put me to sleep from where I’m at. … Pardon me … My alarm clock just went off, which I guess means I’ve been awake close to 24 hours now. Doesn’t feel nearly as bad as I remember it the last time I was up this long. Huh. No headaches, no extreme sleepiness, just this fading-in-and-out sleepiness. Ooh, and some hunger. But I can’t eat. My primary plan for weight loss (aside from doing my best to avoid overeating at meals and constantly eating throughout the day when I’m not even hungry) is to avoid eating within the 3-4 hours before I go to sleep. I have found that when I eat immediately before sleeping, the food goes directly to storage, no questions asked. Which makes sense, I suppose. I don’t remember when I last ate, either. I remember brushing my teeth about an hour ago, when I thought I’d go to sleep then. Except I didn’t go to sleep then. I better go go to sleep now. if I go sleep now for eight hours, then stay awake another 24, I should be on track to be awake during the entire day on friday. Which was sort-of the plan.

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