Rebuilding ME – making progress

So, I worked a long day’s night on the coding, and I do believe that I’ve made some good progress. Note: the following paragraph is fairly technical, though vague, so just skip to the next one if you don’t want to read the jargon.

I figured out (by trial and error) what two fields I needed to add to my data array to get things working, which you don’t know means that instead of just changing the front end, I have to change about twice as many templates as I would otherwise have. Still, when I’m done everything should work better. I’m also thinking of doing a total database migration from BerkleyDB to MySQL, and if I can get that to work, I may be able to remove my entire data array system and just learn how to query the data directly from the MySQL. Except I don’t really know SQL or MySQL or Perl, and I think that for what I want to do I’d need to learn some fairly advanced techniques, so I probably won’t go that far.

Anyway, I’ve got the guidelines I drew up before streamlined into a new version that will reduce the server load even further. Which means pages will load faster and you should get less errors using the site. Unfortunately, the new design scheme I’m putting together (I am discovering as it reveals itself to me) does not appear to allow for the user-selectable colors. I’ll think about that for a while and see if I can come up with a way to continue using color as an informational dimension of site navigation and a user-definable aspect. Or maybe not. Do you use the alternate colors?

I may not get it done this weekend. We’ll see. Depends on what else happens. I’ve already seen two of the three movies that opened this weekend that I wanted to see, so it’s just Drumline left. Then there’s that Christmas party Sunday night. Other than that, nothing to keep me from working nonstop but inertia and a pressing desire to see this place cleaned up finally. We’ll see.

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