Rebuilding ME – conceptually ready

Okay, I took some time off tonight to watch Star Trek: Nemesis and Maid in Manhattan, but now Taken is back on, I’m sitting here, and I’m working on ME again. I think I’ve got it figured out. I think I’ve got everything down on paper that I need to know before I get started rebuilding every single page of ME. I’ve got sketches of the page layouts, descriptions of the templates that will make up the back end, and an idea of how it all goes together on the back end. The new design should be just about as easy to navigate, perhaps easier. A great man once said that you should try to make things as simple as possible but no simpler. The current design of ME was built around my desire to make an interface simpler than possible. I feel like I succeeded; there is so little to it that no one can find anything. The new one should be more intuitive in it’s reduced simplicity. Hopefully I can get the required templates all built tonight. Then there’s some dull, repetitive clicking and cutting and pasting to do for the now over 30 different information spaces that make up ME, to get all the templates in place and get all the old templates out of place. You may end up seeing the site act a little funny over the course of time it takes me to get everything updated. Hopefully everything will be in place and working by Monday. We’ll see.

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