Problems with Timespace

Okay, so I was looking to print out a Year 1 calendar, and a Year 2 calendar, so I could look ahead and make some plans, and I found that my updated spreadsheets that were printable versions of whole years were part of the information that was unrecoverable from Realink in the layoff. Still, I had some older versions of the spreadsheet from Year -3, so I started to draw from it to make a printable one.

I noticed that 9/11/00 was the last day of year -3. I couldn’t remember if that was the 9/11, so I looked it up online and found out it was a year off. Because of the way my spreadsheet oh-so-cleverly calculates things, it was an easy matter for me to adjust it so that the last day of year -3 was 9/11/01. The change implied other things, shifting the entire calendar up 365 days. Some of the personal events that moved to dates that made more sense I will not detail, but for instance, with the new alignment, Year Zero would start on Cinco de Mayo next year, Year One would start on the first leap day on the new millenium, and based on my already established rules for interpreting annual holidays (whatever day they fall on in the first positively numbered year arbitrarily becomes the new day for them to continue on) Actually puts Christmas on the first day of the year, every year; The first day of year 2 would be 12/25/04. It also puts my birthday at nine days after Christmas.

Maybe I’ve been right, though. The way I’ve been calculating things before, Christmas always falls on the last day of the year, and the first leap day of the farmer’s millenium falls on a meaningless day in the second week of the third month of year 2, and the day ********** declares war on the US is a meaningless day in month ** of Year 1, instead of ****************** I guess I’m not saying….


What am I still doing up? Shouldn’t I be sleeping and/or doing homework instead? I guess I’m trying to hurt my Drawing performance. Maybe I’m just crazy.

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