New Web Comic

Debuting January 1st on Modern Evil is a new online comic by me. Maybe two, depending on time & employment. For the one that I will definitely be doing, I am holding a quick contest. The first two people who win will be main characters in the new comic, and may also be asked for creative suggestions for the direction of the comic. I’m going to try to have a story-driven comic for a change, and I’ve already got a character or two in mind, but I’d also like to try some new things.

Anyway, the contest is as such: The first two people who email me with the correct answer to the following question will be in the comic. Zoe, you have an unfair advantage, but are still eligible.

What is the most-used tool in my kitchen?

This does not include the refrigerator, though some definitions of tool would include it. Easy as that. The first two people to successfully guess the most-used tool in my kitchen are in the comic. Also, anyone with particularly clever or funny responses to this vaguely-worded question may get special mention and/or a minor or major role in the comic. Ooh, and to speed things up, if you have a photo of yourself, send it with your answer and I’ll get right to work on inserting you into the comic.

So, I can’t wait to see what a comic looks like by me after a semester as a Studio Art student. Theoretically I learned something I can apply. We’ll see. Well, you’ll all see next year.

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