Good afternoon

I had a good afternoon this afternoon. I’m not sure I’ll allow myself to post about it, though. But despite the fact that my laptop’s battery has finally and totally bit the dust and will absolutely not even attempt to hold a charge anymore, effective today, it was a good day. I spent a good time in good company. I worry (as I seem always to do) that I talked too much and said to little, or that I was not forward enough in the ways I wanted to be forward and too forward in ways that matter little, or that I’m reading too much into too little details or not reading enough into details so big I can’t see them, and oh? Am I thinking too much? Already? And maybe revealing things about the way I’ve been thinking that are the reason I wasn’t going to allow myself to post about what I’ve been thinking? (And feeling, don’t forget that you’ve been feeling today, too!)

Time for bed, I think. Though my heart is racing and I feel as alive and awake as ever, I have been awake since 6:15 or so this morning, and should probably get some rest. I still have a bit of a stuffy nose, you know, and ought to give myself a chance to heal. So next time I won’t have to worry about getting people sick, and who knows what I’ll do if I’m not worried about making someone sick? It was so … unexpected. So … unlike the zero chapter of Forlorn. I wonder what the next chapter of this book will be like. I’ve already said too much.

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