Forlorn – The First Draft

Okay, I did it. I put my “completed” NaNoWriMo novel, Forlorn online.

First, I need to tell you that in order to fully appreciate it, you will need to have the Androcles or Ghoti fonts installed on your computer. They is available for download at When you get to Chapter 16, if you do not have either font installed, you will not have the full experience. Of course, in a final printed or PDF version this will not be an issue, but for now just grab the font.

Second, this is just the first, roughest draft. Things are sure to change as I re-write and re-re-write it. Like, I’m sure the Dinotopia reference will be replaced by something not owned by someone alive. I am going to carefully re-read the first edition of Peter Pan to be sure that any references I make are derived from that public domain work, not other derivative works or versions that may be copyrighted by companies such as Disney. I’d also like to expand certain sections, add an end, and further clarify a lot of the technologies in the second half. Oh, and do a set of illustrations and cleaned-up maps to go with it.

Oh, and … maybe add a plot.

But if you have problems with it, or suggestions, or feedback of any kind, it’s still welcome. Just keep in mind it’s a first draft. Thank you, and enjoy.

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