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Right now, at almost two o’clock in the morning, I am eating a sandwich. Not because I am hungry, but because I hope my digestive system will require sufficient resources to digest it that I will be able to get to sleep. People get drowsy after eating a big meal. Just last night I nearly fell asleep in my homework after eating a sandwich very much like this one, after only having been awake seven hours. I’ve been having trouble getting to sleep before three-thirty of four in the morning though, most nights lately. I’m going to wash this down with a glass of milk, which I know contains chemicals that also encourage sleep, and then lay down.

While I sip my milk, I’m going to comment on statistics: Hitbox, the site/service I use as my primary means of collecting statistics about traffic across all my sites, smokes crack. Or something like it. It tracks things fine, but it also automatically offers predictions about how much traffic I can expect in coming days, weeks, and months. For instance, it says I’ve already had 1,790 unique visitors to ME sites in the month of October. Fine, fine. We’ve had more than 100 people visiting the site every day so far this month, most days over 125. Problem is, it’s currently predicting that we’ll only get about 2,100 total unique visitors for the rest of the month. Now, to you and me, it’s the middle of the month, but in Hitbox’ crack-filled world-view, there are only two or three days left in October (at 100-150 visitors a day, we’ll hit 2,100 in no time). According to my own calculations based on conservative estimates, we’ll have nearly 3,700 unique visitors in the month of October, an all time high for Modern Evil sites.

Our previous record month was June 2000 with 2,475 visitors, but that was broken last month with 2,664 people visiting Modern Evil. The previous record was a sudden, temporary surge in readers of Iain’s comic strip due to some very large-breasted women being featured in it. The current high traffic has been steadily building all year, without ANY regular comics on the site. Here’s to more record-breaking traffic, and to Hitbox getting off the crack.

I can feel the tryptophan and digestive processes kicking in. I’m going to go lay down now.

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  1. I’ve noticed a lot of new readership on my blog, are we on a new search engine or something, or do I just type good keywords in my rants?

  2. I’ve noticed a lot of new readership on my blog, are we on a new search engine or something, or do I just type good keywords in my rants?

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