Getting along

I’ve been learning the ropes with Primerica these last few days, but that’s a gig that doesn’t pay penny one until I actually earn commissions, so for right now it’s not something I trust to be more than part-time. I’m trying to get a job with the After Market Company, but for some reason they only ever train people from 4-10PM, M-F. This is bad because I’m in class from 4-8PM, M-Th, and can’t miss class. Now, they’re glad to schedule me to come in early mornings with no conflict with my classes whatsoever, but not until after I do their training. Which I can’t do.

I have a friend working there who’s been there a while and is trying to influence them to offer the training at a different time, and the HR person I just spoke to thought that perhaps their Mesa facility (no idea if it would be feasible to work there, since Mesa is friggin’ huge, and I ride a bike to work) might be hiring; I guess that facility does morning trainings. So, now the job that I know I can do and I know will pay enough is not so much of a sure thing anymore. I still need a job. If I don’t start somewhere by the end of the month, I won’t start getting paid in time to stay current on all my bills.

No one seems to be hiring on technical help desks right now, and while I’m looking into other fields, it’s hard to find something that pays enough that I have appropriate skills for. Still, I’m getting along.

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