The Ring – movie review followup

Okay, so I’ll admit that when my room was flooded with direct sunlight in the middle of the day I was able to get several hours of restful sleep today. Still, in the last couple of hours I’ve been growing tired again and thought I’d be able to go to bed without thinking about The Ring or having to leave all the lights on just to not freak out.

Then a TV commercial for The Ring came on. Much of what is depicted, while it may seem creepy to someone who has not seen the movie, managed to remind me of everything that scared me about the movie. Fu*k.

Still, the commercial is right; the ring is one of the most frightening movies in a very long time. It tells you what the movie is about, portrays the fear and horror and weirdness of the movie. Oh yeah, and it’s driven me to drugs. I’m going to go take a sleeping pill and hope it can overcome The Ring.

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