Silly Harry Potter

Last night, instead of doing my homework or ironing or watching my favorite shows or doing the dishes or … whatever else I might otherwise have been doing, I ended up reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I realize it’s been available for ages in hardback, but since my other Harry Potter books are all paperback, I wanted to try to get the whole set in matching volumes, and waited for the paperback release. Which was a month or two ago. Cover price of The Goblet of Fire: $8.99. ‘Everyday low price’ at Walmart: $5.97. So, I waited until I got to a Walmart to pick it up, which was Friday night. I started reading it Saturday afternoon and finished reading it last night.

Didn’t get much else done all weekend. Luckily, the next book isn’t coming out until… who knows? Last I heard, the author was more than a year late in delivering the title to her publisher. I may have to borrow a copy of that one from someone when it comes out instead of waiting an indefinite period of time befor eit also goes to paperback. Upon which time I will lose another weekend to Harry Potter.

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