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So, the fee deadline was tuesday, and the registration system was completely closed wednesday and thursday, so this morning at 7AM was the first opportunity to try to register for classes at ASU after people got dropped for non-payment. When I noticed that it was 7:04 I began rapidly dialing and re-dialing the number to Sun Dial, ASU’s only non-local registration system. At 7:43, I got through & attempted to register. Both sections of each of the classes I need that occur at times I could attend are still full. I guess Art majors pay their tuition on time.

Which means that I have to show up on the first day(s) of class with override slip(s). I’m thinking of looking up the professors and emailing them before the semester starts to let them know my intentions/request information in preparation of their classes. I don’t want to buy any textbooks or supplies until I am certain I will be allowed to attend, which may not be until August 26/27, but I don’t want to show up unprepared on the first day of class, either. It creates a bad impression.

Worst case scenario, I contact the respective professors of the studio classes I am trying to get into and get turned down, then take something like Art History and an upper-division Literacy course instead. Which should be no problem, since the Art History class has a cap of 250 (100+ free seats right now), and I suspect I’ll be able to find an upper division Literacy course with a seat or two free if I need to.

Hey! The ASU Website is not so completely bogged down that I can’t access it! Now I can check … Okay. Of all the sections of either class, there is one seat free in each class, Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:40-10:30AM. I couldn’t attend one of these classes (because it conflicts with even the latest possible schedule here at work), let alone two simultaneously. It’s interesting though that of these two classes (basically the two studio classes that all first-semester Art Majors take) people would be dropped because of non-payment in such a strange fashion. So… there you have it.

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