Getting enough sleep?

On Tuesday afternoon, I got home at around 3:45 because I stayed a few minutes after work, I checked my email, I looked at the TV for a bit, and when I didn’t find anything on I hadn’t already seen, I watched the special features on the new Dinotopia DVD I bought Monday night. Not a lot there, so I was done by 4:45 or so. I decided to lay down for about an hour, and I set an alarm to go off around 6, after which time I expected to get up and get something done. Maybe dishes, maybe writing some of that novel I haven’t finished yet. Something. I remember waking up and it being dark outside. I remember thinking I must have slept through to morning, then looking at the clock and seeing that it was only 9PM. I remember thinking that 4 hours of sleep wasn’t enough for one night, and that if I got up then, I’d just have to go back to bed for an hour or two later on, so I might as well stay in bed another hour or two. Then my other alarms went off and it was time to get up to go to work Wednesday. I got twelve hours of sleep.

As I posted last night, I received my Bowflex yesterday afternoon. I spent a while trying to get it together. Definitely more than an hour, but since I took a break or two, wasn’t really paying attention to the time, and then stopped before I was done for lack of a 3/8″-diameter, 3/4″-long bolt with a 9/16″ hexagonal head, I’m not really sure how long it was. Or how long it will have been when I am done. Still, after doing that and then calling Bowflex to request a replacement bolt & AT&T Warranty Exchange, and spending about an hour making posts about those experiences, it was time to watch South Park. I watched that and Contest Searchlight (“No, it isn’t just like Project Greenlight!” -Dennis Leary), a show that is basically like Project Greenlight, except with Dennis Leary instead of Damon & Affleck, and with a Comedy TV Series instead of a movie. Oh, and then The Daily Show. I have to get my news in somewhere. Then I went to bed and couldn’t get to sleep (possibly because my mind was in overdrive, possibly because I imbibed caffeine earlier in the day, possibly because I slept 12 hrs Tuesday night) until no earlier than 1AM. And woke up around 5AM this morning. Getting 4 hours of sleep.

Remember when I said four hours of sleep isn’t enough? Really, it isn’t. That’s what my body is telling me right now. Didn’t mention it Yesterday. Today it’s all my body can talk about. That, and it keeps reminding me I didn’t eat enough breakfast. Well, I’m going to eat some fruit in a moment, and hopefully I can cut down the whining to complaints about lack of sleep. Who knows how much sleep I’ll get tonight? I’m hoping to go down to a local hardware store right after work to see about getting that replacement bolt, then trying to complete assembly of my Bowflex, then going to Beer Club, then stopping by the grocery store to pick up some things I forgot (Kosher Salt, for instance) the other day. I feel like there was something else I meant to do tonight as well… what was it?

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