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So, I received Bowflex’s free video and informational packets yesterday. The most interesting thing to me about the video is that it is apparently their infomercial on a cassette tape. It even asked me to call and request my free copy of itself a few times. Now, since I had never seen the full infomercial, only hundreds of shorter commercials, I actually got to see some material I hadn’t seen before. Watching people use the machine is a lot better than imagining it or looking at tiny still photos on their website. Plus, it was a lot of fun to watch muscle-bound freaks having trouble using half the resistance they were using with free weights due to the lack of momentum. Of course, they could all have been lying, but it was pretty clear there was only one actor in the bunch, and he was busy being the spokesperson.

The brochures and paperwork that was packaged with the video didn’t have any information that isn’t on their website, which says a lot of good things about their commitment to the internet. Actually, I believe there was some information (about accessories) that was on the website and not in the paperwork I was sent. So they’re actually keeping their website up-to-date faster than their physical promotions. Again, evidence that their website is a major source of revenue, and a respected part of their business.

Between the video & brochures and their web presence, I felt that the physical sales pitch was lacking, like a remnant of something that used to be relevent instead of a modern sales tool. Still, for anyone who has not seen the Bowflex infomercial and has never visited their website, this informational package could be quite valuable. I already have people asking to borrow it.

Oh, and the money appeared in my checking account this morning, and since I don’t really have any reason to give one person my commission over any other, I may just give them a call today to place the order. When I called last night to get some information that wasn’t on their website or in any of their documentation, the person I spoke to told me that it normally takes 3 weeks before it ships, which is where the four weeks shipping time comes from. Between this and Tuition payment next week, I couldn’t afford expidited shipping if they offerred it. Luckily, I’m pretty patient. I think I’ll call them at lunch.

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