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Bowflex Ultimate

That’s it, it’s ordered. I decided not to wait to call back what’s-her-name tomorrow, since no one there really earned the commission. Random is fine with me. So, I called my bank first, to be sure the purchase would go through, and instead of just giving me a temporary increase in my daily spending limit, made a permanent increase to $2500/day. So, that’s good. Between that & some trouble re-ordering checks, working with my bank took about 18 minutes.

Then I called Bowflex, and since I had requested the video through the website, they already had all my information in their computer pulled up automatically via callerID & a clever database, which was nice. I just said I’d like to buy the Bowflex Ultimate, no I wouldn’t like an additional 100lbs of resistance ($99, available whenever I’m ready to order it), no I wouldn’t like nutritional suplements, and he verified my address, took my Visa check-card number, and told me it would be delivered in three to four weeks. Oh, and that it comes in multiple packages, not necessarily delivered at the same time. Which I always think is great; I imagine someone getting half a bowflex and wondering why it doesn’t go together properly.

So, the entire call to Bowflex, including their phone tree, hold time, and ordering, right through hangup was 2 mintues, 39 seconds. Effecient. I wonder what that guy’s commission is, for less than 2 minutes work. Oh well.

So, we’ll see how long it takes to get to me, and whether it arrives all at once, or over the course of several days, and I’ll post again about it. Until then, don’t worry, I won’t be posting about the Bowflex for a few weeks.

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