Did I mention I got officially re-admitted to ASU on Friday, transfered to the College of Fine Arts, and changed my major to Painting? All true. I am on probation for at least one semester while I show that I’m serious about succeeding (and raising my GPA more), but effectively that means I need to see an Advisor at least once. I’ve already seen my Fine Arts Advisor twice, and plan to see her again before the semester starts. I’m serious about this.

I could go on again about the re-admission department, but effectively, if you read my last post on the subject (here, here, and here in 3 parts), the same things happened in the same order, except this time there was an extra computer glitch or two. One of them means that I can never, ever take English at ASU as an undergraduate again. The other just temporarily adjusted my ASU GPA down to 2.09.

Since I don’t want to be an English (Literature) major again, the former is fine. Since they’ve fixed my ASU GPA to properly reflect 2.31 now, and 2.99 overall, the latter is fine, too. If I do well in my art classes this semester and at some point re-take Calc III and get a better grade than failing, my GPA can’t help but be even better.

So, on the ASU front, things are looking like they’ll work out okay. Next hurdles to leap are trying to afford the classes and trying to get into the classes. The latter is fairly easy because of students who don’t remember or can’t manage the former. On August 6th, anyone who hasn’t already paid for the classes they’ve registered for gets dropped automatically, and at 7AM on the 6th I can see if some of those students were in the classes I need to get into. Of course, then I have to pay tuition in full on the 6th as well. If the classes remain full after the 6th, I have to get an override from the professors teaching them, which I guess isn’t too hard. So, no problem but timing or paperwork. Everything’s looking good.

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