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Not interesting in a good way, someone has made a few interesting comments on my site in the last fifteen minutes or so, to entries made back in April. First, two comments on Greg Knauss’s final stop on his virtual book tour for Rainy Day Fun and Games for Toddler and Total Bastard (entry here), first calling either Greg or myself an idiot, and then in a different comment, a god. (I know that these comments are from the same person because we record the IP address of the person posting, and the IP is the same for all 3 entries.) A few minutes later this person seems to still be reading the site because the third comment appeared on another entry from a few days later in April, saying that I specifically should get a life and find something better to do than “talk on this web site”.

This is interesting to me because of the inherent nature not just of online journals and blogs, but of the internet as a whole: it is a constantly updated medium, and even though it seems anonymous we can still track your actions.

Now, I don’t like censoring people, so I won’t be deleting these comments, but if this person keeps posting worthless, contradictory comments, especially of an insulting or attacking nature, I may block their IP from making new comments.

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