Life goes on, and so do our readers

I don’t know if there is something inherent in the death of my mother that people don’t want to see, or if it was the quibbling with her last week, but readership has dropped down to its former ridiculously low levels, as expected. Just not enough positive or interesting posts, perhaps. Not enough info about how my chores are falling behind because I’m behind on my homework because my mother just died. Too many posts filled with other people’s song lyrics and no explanations.

I don’t have long to post right now because I actually have about 85 pages to read and a response to write before an hour ago, plus between work and class this afternoon I have to come up with 10 minutes on Jonathan Swift. Then class, then sleep. Mansfield park this weekend, plus I need to write a paper or two before next Thursday, and they have to be good. I’ve been maintaining an A so far in class, and now it’s up to my presentation tonight and my paper next week to see whether I actually end up with an A. The way the class is graded, I could actually, theoretically get as low as a D if I were to get 100% of everything else right and not do these two assignements. So, I won’t let that happen.

Oh, and somewhere in there (this weekend) I need to go grocery shopping, do the dishes, laundry again, memorial service saturday afternoon, mow the yards and poison the perimiter of my house… how much can be put off until the next weekend, after class is over? Probably enough.

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