Something in common with Thomas Jefferson

They say that Thomas Jefferson slept only three hours a night. I swear I saw him napping every afternoon, though. I know I have to take afternoon naps when I sleep less than four or five hours a night. Which is what I do most Sunday nights. Like last night. I actually slept only three hours. Feeling like a nap is due right now, actually.

I’ll get by. I’m not passing out tired, just sorta like there’s this nagging feeling that I’m supposed to be doing something else. And that that something else happens to be sleeping. I’m pretty sure my mind is actually doing a little background sleeping though, because within another hour or two if this reduced operation mode, I’ll be feeling fine, as though I had slept all night. At least until 4 or 5 this afternoon.

Maybe after my nap I’ll write a declaration of independence. That would be a weird little interlude in my book.

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