Felicity is driving me crazy

Since the first season of Felicity, I have believed that Felicity should have chosen Noel over Ben. Yet every year she chooses Ben. She just keeps going back to him and back to him. In fact, a few shows ago they ended the entire story with her ending up with Ben and going back into Pre-Med after all, and it upset me greatly. Except that I knew that the next four episodes involved Felicity being sent back in time to choose Noel. So everything was going to turn out alright, right?

NO! She went back in time and screwed everything up! Sean and Megan split up and may not get back together, Felicity keeps behaving as though she still wants to be with Ben, and long-forgotten characters keep appearing out of knowhere and throwing a wrench into the gears. Then, in the scenes from next week’s two-hour Series finale, we see Noel trapped in a fire (a fire he saved Felicity from the first time around, by the way), and then Felicity telling Ben that Noel is dead. Noel is dead?!?!?!!!

I thought the writers and producers of Felicity were going to take this very clever opportunity and wrap the show up to please both sides of the audience; she ends up with Ben in one timeline and she ends up with Noel in the other. If Noel actually ends up dead, and worse if Felicity ends up with Ben again, this will have been the worst possible alternate timeline she could have created.

As far as I’m concerned, anyway. Like I said, I thought she should have just stayed with Noel from the start.

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