Denied (2 of 3)

I think the problem actually started back around December 1996/January 1997, when I first transfered to ASU. I had completed 60 credits worth of courses at PVCC, and 56 of them transfered to ASU. The GPA of the transfered credits was 3.4. The problem was, ASU considered me to have 56 credits, but no GPA. So whatever GPA I earned in my first semester at ASU, they would apply to the sum total of my credits. When I didn’t pass Calculus III, my GPA at ASU for that semester was 1.9, which meant that I had 68 credits at 1.9 instead of 12, or a more fair GPA of 3.2.

So then the next semester when I had some trouble with ENG 221, and withdrew from Calculus III therefore not bringing that class’ grade up, I was “disqualified” from taking classes at ASU. What the paperwork they gave me at that time said was that I was absolutely not allowed to attend ASU within the next two years, after which time I would be required to be re-admitted and use a new catalog. (Note: Of the 76 credit hours I currently have completed according to ASU, most of the ones that met General Studies requirements no longer do in the new catalog. They have also re-considered how they’ll calculate GPA since then, and I have a more accurate 2.85 GPA at ASU instead of 1.9 (though according to my calculations, I should be at least 2.95 :wink:).)

So, the last time I attended classes was about four and a half years ago at ASU, when they disqualified me. I thought I’d try that re-applying thing. I went down to ASU, was re-directed three times finally to the re-admissions office, where the friendly woman there looked at my history and decided that there should be no problem re-admitting me. She had me fill out the appropriate paperwork and submit it that afternoon. I had to wait just over a month (until the board of officials met to decide the fate of all re-admitting students last Thursday) to find out if she had been misleading me or not.

I forgot to call Friday, so I had to wait until today to find out my results. Flat out, the only thing the woman I spoke to (after 15 minutes waiting for her to pick up, just to put me back on hold for 8 minutes) wanted to tell me was “Denied”. I tried to get her to tell me what I needed to do to get re-admitted then, and she said that I should apply for re-admission. I pointed out that I had just done that and gotten denied. I think this may have been a little too much for her. After a little more coaxing, I was able to get her to tell me that I should take Summer classes at ASU. When I implied that not having been admitted, they wouldn’t allow me to do that, she insisted that I just call on over to the registrar and sign up for summer classes.

The registrar, of course, told me that I needed to be re-admitted before I could take summer courses, and was hot and ready to transfer me back to Re-admissions. I didn’t have the time. I am at work.

So, I’m heading down to ASU right now to see these people in person. Their desks are literally within visual range of each other; maybe I can get a meeting somehow. Get them to fight over why I can’t attend.

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