I have a headache again this afternoon. Nothing serious. A far cry from a migraine. Maybe from not enough sleep. Maybe from not enough water or too much salt or … I don’t know what. Probably a combination of not enough sleep and some emotional distress and some old fashioned stress. I don’t know how that self-evaluation I turned in is going to go over. I’m afrain to go back and re-read what I put down, for fear that it was just as bad or worse than what I started with. Because I know I recognized even in an incensed state that what I was putting down the first time was too much.

My headache started before I left work. I guess I was trying to help some difficult customers and humor Sara (even though for reasons I do not wish to discuss right now, I did not want to chat with her today) and ignore a cake that just wouldn’t stop staring at me and… I started to get a painful headache. It had pierced on and off all afternoon, occassionally waking me while I tried to sleep from about 5-6:30 this afternoon. (Of course, interrupted sleep is something I’m pretty used to. I’m pretty sure I have mild sleep apnea. Hooray!)

I’m going to brush my teeth and go to bed now, but I took a couple of these and a few of those about half an hour ago so I could (hopefully) get to sleep now. The headache is nearly numbed. Good night.

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