Eyes are burning

I’m so tired lately. Every night for the last week or two, I’ve gotten to bed late for one reason or another. Last night it was because Art and I had a brainstorming session about possible ideas for development into films or short films. The night before it was (and this is pretty dumb) because I started playing Civ III while watching TV, but didn’t stop playing when my TV shows ran out at 8 to go to bed; when I looked up from the game it was 11:30 (270 AD in the game). Sunday nights are always bad because the premium channel original programming I pay so much for is mostly on between 10 and 12 PM, Sundays. Saturday night I (foolishly) decided to go to an old LARP, but the people I wanted to hang out with there were just a little too interested in the game and the game was just a little too boring, and went a couple hours too long. Friday night I saw Sorority Boys, E.T., and Blade II. Before that is a blur. Blurry because I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately to coherently remember week-old events, but also because I wasn’t getting enough sleep then to form and process new memories properly.

Man O Man. Last Wednesday I overslept. By like 3 hours. If I wasn’t called by my supervisor and asked if my power had gone out, I might have slept another 6 hours. I only ended up being 2.5hrs late for work, which I was able to make up, but that was bad. I’ve been having trouble waking up lately. I keep getting up later and later and out the door later and later, but I’ve literally reached the limit to that; if I leave one minute later than I have been averaging lately, I won’t be able to even walk in the door here by 6. I’m supposed to be logged in and ready to take calls when the clock hits 6, not walking in the door.

I’m going to see what I can do about getting to bed early tonight. No last-minute meetings, no extended gaming sessions, no late-night TV. Go home, work in the yard, make dinner, watch the premier of Greg the Bunny, go to bed. Maybe squeeze in a shower, if the yard makes me dirty enough.

What was the point here? Oh. Every night at some point, usually right before I go to bed, I have some idea of something to post here. Now that I have internet access, I could theoretically do so. Except that by then it’s already so late that I decide that I oughtn’t sit down at the computer and type for another who knows how long. I’m hardly able to follow my own train of thought right now. Imagine if I’d been staying up an extra, additional 1/2hr every day, how I would be feeling right now. I’m going to try to manage my time more carefully in the future, and hopefully that will result in me getting enough (or even just a little more) sleep, and time to actually post the things that occur to me.

I think wireless networking will make a difference, because then maybe I could post while I’m watching TV or from my bed make a quick entry right before I pass out. I’ll look into that again.

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