I am exhausted. Tired, too. Oh, and a little sleepy. All at once, like a cumulative effect. I suppose I should have decided to go to bed earlier last night. I should have probably not volunteered to go out and watch two movies I’d already seen (though at $2.50 for both movies, I haven’t wasted too much money there). My body told me I was doing something wrong before the first movie was over, since I’m still recovering from a cold & hadn’t got enough sleep Monday night, either. I simply did my best to stay awake until I could return home and fall into bed. I guess it just wasn’t soon enough, because right now my body is telling me that the four point five hours of sleep I got was half or less the amount of sleep I ought to have got.

With my luck, I’ll pass out this afternoon before 4 and not wake up again until tomorrow morning at 5, getting nothing active done for yet another day in a row. Then again, I suppose sleeping to maintain personal health is probably a pretty admirable cause.

Oh, and if I seem a little off as the day wears on, it is probably due to the fact that my brain is doing its best to perform everyday activities without waking up fully. I think the customers can tell. It sounds like they feel like somehow they’re interrupting me, so I must sound like I oughtn’t be interrupted. Which, as long as I still solve their technical questions, doesn’t make a difference, right?

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