Academy Awards

I think I’m losing some of the little respect I hold for the Academy Awards. Take a look at this year’s nominations and see for yourself what I mean. Or rather, don’t see what I mean. Missing are outstanding performances by Gene Hackman and Luke Wilson in The Royal Tenenbaums, Waking Life and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within in the new Best Animated Feature category, Come What May from Moulin Rouge for best original song (this one I knew wouldn’t be nominated, but because of a technicality – the song was originally conceived for Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet, but never used; since it was not originally for Moulin Rouge, it is not considered an original song, even though it was never used before), and The Anniversary Party for something.

I’m sure there were many other Oscar-worthy performances this year. Guy Pierce in Memento, and Planet of the Apes for makeup and costume design at the least. I don’t know. There were a heck of a lot of things that could have at least been nominated. I’m looking forward to the MTV Movie awards, anyway.

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