Database variable mishap

so, I get regular emails from trying to convince me to pay for their services and “find my match”. In the most recent email, it looks like whoever wrote it wasn’t clear on how to use auto-filled fields from a database. Here are some excerpts:

True Stories
My best friend had been using tmcclanahan and sold me on the idea. She met a guy whom she dated for a year, and it sounded so great to me. I logged on immediately and started dating. “


Who is the “hottest” man on the ice?
Listen up, ladies. tmcclanahan wants to know your pick for the hottest NHL player on the ice today!”

Now, hopefully I won’t start getting emails from young women about their favorite hockey players, but seriously – how can they let that kind of mistake get through? They send this thing out every week to literally millions of people. I’m sure it’s bad for business.

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