I said what?

So, I was reading along MacWorld’s predictions for Apple in 2002, and I heard the words “I would use an Apple cellphone” came out of my mouth. Then I realized how absurd that must sound. Apple is a computer company. What do they know about making cellphones? Maybe if they team up with Nokia, my current mobile communications brand of choice, they could create a great product with a great design and a slightly-too-high price.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to going to Apple.com Monday morning after lunch, because by then the site will be trying to sell me whatever it is Steve Jobs will have announced at his keynote speech at MacWorld. I am personally expecting to read about how much faster the G5 processor is, and not just because Meg Ryan referred to her G5 in the charming Kate and Leopold recently, as though the G5 were supposed to hit the market before her movie did. I am also among those hoping to see an LCD screen iMac. Remember how small and easy the original iMac was compared to PCs? Imagine how small and easy it could be with a light, flat screen instead of a big, heavy picture tube! There is a lot of room for great industrial design there, too.

Oh, and if they can just go ahead and announce Photoshop for OS X, I can finally upgrade to last year’s OS.

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